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Partnering with Patients

Everyone has a healthcare story to tell and at Stevenson Memorial Hospital, we are learning from the experiences of our patients and their families. As part of our commitment to providing the highest quality care, we are seeking Patient/Family Advisors to work with us to make our hospital the best it can be.

“There truly is power in the partnerships that we build with our patients and their families,” said Jody Levac, President and CEO. “We believe that hearing patient stories and seeing healthcare through their eyes helps us to improve the service we deliver every day. Patient Advisors will bring an important perspective to our discussions in the future and will be invaluable to Stevenson.”

An Advisory Council comprised of patients and family members, along with staff and physicians, will provide direct input into policies, programs and practices that affect the patient experience at Stevenson. Advisors will be encouraged to share their first-hand experiences and provide advice on all aspects of care including access to services, patient information, program and space design, signage and communication.

The Patient/Family Advisory Council is central to Stevenson’s Power In Partnerships strategic goal. It is based on the philosophy that patients and families should be partners in their healthcare; involved in planning and decision-making every step of the way. By sharing their stories and unique perspective, patients will help shape and improve the patient experience.

“Involving community members will help us better understand the needs of our community and achieve better outcomes. We believe that good decisions are about involving patients and citizens in their health care to help address their hopes, fears, values and needs,” said Shannon Landry, Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer. “It also enables people to experience healthcare in a more positive and meaningful way.”

Further community consultation will happen in February, 2015, as the new Council decides how to gather input from patients and community members.

Anyone interested in becoming a Patient/Family Advisor at Stevenson, contact Trudy Petherick at or 705-435-6281, ext.  2310 or download an application form.