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Sharing our Expertise and Experience

A team of healthcare professionals visited Stevenson Friday, to learn about successful small hospital operations as they work to open facilities in Western Africa.

Led by Dr. Marion Lyver, Chief Medical Officer at Kallo Inc., the group visited Stevenson Memorial Hospital to learn about high-performing small hospitals and met with staff in various departments..

Kallo Inc. scheduled  site visits at hospitals which were chosen because they have attained exemplary status through Accreditation Canada. The group is planning to build small hospitals in West African countries, including Guinea.
“We are interested in building these facilities to North American standards, so we have organized site visits at four hospitals. We chose facilities that had attained exemplary accreditation because we wanted to focus on sites that are doing a really good job and being innovative. That’s why we are at Stevenson today,” said Dr. Lyver.
Dr. Lyver is an emergency medicine specialist in the US and Canada, a seasoned independent healthcare consultant and a certified professional in healthcare information and management systems. She is an Associate Clinical Professor and PT Faculty member in the department of family medicine at McMaster University.