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Stevenson Memorial Hospital Emergency Department Recognized as Provincial Leader

Alliston/March 31, 2014 -- Stevenson Memorial Hospital is the Most Improved Medium Volume Community Hospital in Ontario when it comes to Emergency Department performance. Access to Care, a division of Cancer Care Ontario, recognizes Stevenson as a provincial leader and top performer.

Hospital staff and physicians set the bar high for ER care in the province, maintaining the 2nd fastest wait times compared to 74-high volume hospitals for the past 18 months.

“As we continue working on the capital plan for the redevelopment of our hospital, it is important to talk about the amazing results we continue to achieve, despite the physical limitations of our existing building,” said President and CEO Jody Levac. “Attaining 2nd place for ER wait times was a tremendous accomplishment. Maintaining that status for the past 18 months is phenomenal.”

The ER success story results in increased funding each year from the province’s Pay for Results Program – $1.2 million was received last year and over $4 million since 2010. Funding is reinvested in the ER, allowing new processes and improved service including:

•          Dedicated Float nurse who transfers admitted patients into hospital patient beds as soon as orders are received and bed available

•          Additional ER RN coverage is in place at peak volume times to improve patient flow

•          Physician Assistant seeing high volumes of lower acuity patients quickly, allowing ER MD to assess sicker patients

•          Engaged discharge planning efforts move patients to the right destination allowing for bed availability so ER can be cleared of admissions

•          Hospitalist program keeping our LOS on MedSurg low making in-pt beds available

•          Increased clerical coverage allows nurses in ER and MedSurg to focus on nursing instead of paperwork.

Levac is pleased to receive provincial recognition, but he is also quick to identify the physical limitations at Stevenson and the need to redevelop the hospital

“We are truly doing the best that we can for our patients in a facility that is over 50 years old, tired and inadequate by today’s standards,” Levac said. “We know that we need to redevelop our ER, along with the Operating Rooms, Lab and Diagnostic Imaging suite to meet the needs of our growing community and make further improvements to our service.”

To learn more and to share your thoughts about the Stevenson Memorial Hospital Redevelopment, please visit or call the Redevelopment Hotline at 705-435-6281, ext. 1701.