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Dr. Shazia Ambreen awarded Dr. MacIntyre Award for Excellence & Dedication in the Community

ALLISTON – June 23, 2015 – Dr. Shazia Ambreen, Anesthesiologist and Hospitalist, as well as Chief of Family Medicine at Stevenson Memorial Hospital (SMH), has received the Dr. Alexander MacIntyre Award for Excellence and Dedication in the Community and Medical Field from the Alliston & Area Physician Recruitment Committee (AAPRC) on June 18, 2015. 

The award was created by the AAPRC in memory of Dr. MacIntyre, who was a family physician in the area for close to 35 years. Dr. MacIntyre was an active physician recruitment committee member and had a passion for mentoring medical students. The award recognizes the hard dedication and great work done by physicians in the community. 

Dr. Ambreen received two nominations from the committee this year, having worked tirelessly in the community and leading by example at Stevenson Memorial. 

Dr. Ambreen has always been passionate for providing high quality patient care and has made this a top priority throughout her career. “I believe providing this high level of care is what our patients deserve and by continuing to work hard at this priority we can make Stevenson Memorial one of the best hospitals in Ontario,” says Dr. Ambreen, Chief of Family Medicine. “I feel privileged working with such a wonderful team, whether it’s medical staff, colleagues, or the senior management team. This recognition will simply fuel my energy and desire to do even more quality work for our patients.”



Some highlights of Dr. Ambreen’s dedicated work include:

  • Creating a pre-operative screening tool and initiated a Pre-Op Clinic for enhancing patient quality care and safety.
  • Extensive research for SMH’s Antibiotic Stewardship Program to mitigate infectious diseases
  • Worked collaboratively with the SMH team to control the recent C-diff outbreak. 
  • Member of several Quality Improvement Committees.
  • Actively involved with physician recruitment for the Medical-Surgical department & hiring several physicians.
  • Providing on-going support, education, and training to several medical students, residents, and SMH physicians.
  • Working on the UGI Bleed Algorithm, having created and participated in several order sets.
  • Working hard to improve Patient Experience on the Med-Surg unit to improve overall service quality.

“Dr. Ambreen embodies a spirit of dedication and passion in all that she does,” says Dr. Jody Levac, President & CEO.  She brings a positive attitude, energy and sound leadership to her work.  All who work with her have the highest regard for her professionalism and commitment to putting patients first.  We’re extremely proud and grateful to have Dr. Ambreen as part of our team.”