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General Surgeon Dr. Lauren O'Malley to Join the Stevenson Team

As Stevenson Memorial Hospital continues its redevelopment plan to improve its technology and the services it provides to the local community, it continues to add highly-skilled physicians to its staff in an effort to continue providing high-quality care to the community.  One of the latest physicians to join Stevenson's ranks is Dr. Lauren O'Malley.  Dr. O’Malley’s start date with Stevenson is November 9th.

Dr. O'Malley is a general surgeon who has a great deal of experience in cancer care.  She is very skilled in breast surgery, including both benign and malignant surgical care.  She also provides caring after-surgery follow-up.  She has provided colonoscopies for FIT positive patients and colon cancer screenings for high-risk patients.  She has also provided other endoscopy services, including upper endoscopy and evaluation of upper gastrointestinal issues (including dyspepsia and GERD).  

In addition, Dr. O'Malley has experience in several various day surgeries, including treating benign perianal disease via hemorrhoid excision or banding, hernia repair, and laparoscopic cholecystectomy.  Stevenson's Chief of Staff, Dr. Oswaldo Ramirez, says that “Dr. O'Malley's varied experience in cancer care and surgeries will add to our skilled medical staff here at Stevenson.”

Dr. O'Malley has an even stronger connection to the Stevenson Community, being that she has family ties to Simcoe County.  She is married and has a toddler.  In her free time, she loves to go skiing and do other outdoor activities with her family.

Dr. Jody Levac, Stevenson's President and CEO, says, “We are very fortunate and grateful to add Dr. O'Malley to our medical staff at Stevenson in our efforts to continue improving the quality of care we provide to our patients.  As we continue with our redevelopment plan to revitalize Stevenson, build the best facility possible, and make it a hospital capable of fulfilling our community's needs for decades to come, we are also focused on bringing in the most capable physicians and staff so that our transformation isn't just what you see on the outside premises, but also in the care you receive inside our walls.”

This is why many of the most highly-sought after physicians in the Central Ontario region and beyond are coming to Stevenson.  They will help drive our efforts to build the best facility we can, one that is capable of meeting and even exceeding the standards we have achieved in the past.  Our physicians and staff have enabled us to provide some of the best care and turnaround times in the region, including the 2nd-fastest emergency department out of 74 medium- and high-volume hospitals in the entire province.  It will be virtually impossible for Stevenson to continue providing this level of care and beyond without upgraded facilities and the latest technologies, which is what our redevelopment plan will address. 

The continuing journey with Stevenson’s redevelopment plan and the highly-sought medical personnel it is helping to bring to Stevenson are making this a very exciting time for our medical staff and for our community.  Dr. O'Malley is another skilled and caring physician who will help to ensure that Stevenson provides the best care possible for our community well into the future. 

We welcome Dr. Lauren O'Malley to the Stevenson family and community!