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Stevenson Memorial Partners With PhysioMed To Bring Physiotherapy Clinic to Alliston

Stevenson Memorial Hospital is proud to announce that, as a part of a LHIN and government initiative, we have partnered with PhysioMed to bring a Physiotherapy Clinic to our community.  This new Outpatient Physiotherapy Program was opened on December 7 and will operate on Mondays and Wednesdays between 8 AM-4 PM ET in the Rehab room.

Adding the Physiotherapy Clinic to our community will be a great benefit to all the citizens of Alliston. Shannon Landry, the CNO and Vice President of Clinical and Paramedical Services, says, “Physiotherapy helps to deliver an objective analysis of a patient's physical condition, including observing and verifying any symptoms, to help create a more effective treatment plan toward a disease or condition.  This, in turn, helps the patient to better manage the symptoms of that disease or condition so that he/she can live a better quality of life.” 

In order to be administered to the new Community Physiotherapy Clinic, a patient needs a referral from his/her doctor or nurse practitioner.  Referrals and inquiries are to be sent to the following contact information:

Dr. Filipe Tiburcio

Clinic Owner/Chiropractor

Physiomed Alliston

Tel: 705-812-6696

Fax: 705-812-6697

There are specific requirements to be eligible for the Community Physiotherapy Program.  Your age must be no greater than 19 years of age or no younger than 65 years of age.  You must have a valid OHIP card.  You must have been discharged from an inpatient hospital stay, with physiotherapy being the reason that you were admitted in the first place.  You also must receive income from the Ontario Works or the Ontario Disability Support Program.

Having such a Clinic within our community and hospital will help to ensure that our population will enjoy a better quality of life as they age, as well as when they suffer physical injuries from playing sports, being involved in automobile accidents, and other situations.  We at Stevenson are very proud to add this clinic to our services as we continue to remodel and revamp our hospital to maintain and improve the quality of care we provide to the members of our community.