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Stevenson Memorial Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary of Patient Family Advisory Council


Stevenson Memorial Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary of

Patient Family Advisory Council

Back Row: (from L to R):   Doug Smith, Diane Hewitt, Jody Levac (President and CEO), Steve Lange ( Co-Chair)

Front Row: (from L to R)Marsha Slack, Kathy Stevenson (Interim CNO, VP and Executive Spnsor), Carole Madsen, Laura Orr, Pat Groombridge, Trudy Petherick (Chair)

Absent: Sue Fagan, Josephine Jones


Stevenson Memorial Hospital extends its thanks and appreciation to all of the volunteers on its Patient Family Advisory Council (PFAC) for their service and dedication towards helping Stevenson continue to improve and enhance patient care, while providing support and resources for patients and their family members.

The Council was instrumental in the creation and implementation of the hospital’s Way Finding system, which has received excellent feedback from patients, as well as assisting in process improvements in several areas of the hospital, including Infection Control and the Fracture Clinic. The Council has championed the cause of the 24-hour Family Presence and continues to work on, a patient-family centered care visitation model, while continuing to offer valuable insight and advice as Stevenson works to provide quality medical care at its aging facility.

“I want to congratulate the Stevenson Memorial Patient Family Advisory Council on its 1-year anniversary,” said Jody Levac, President and CEO. “I continue to be inspired by the work you’ve done at Stevenson and your commitment to helping Stevenson’s efforts to enhance the care of patients and their families. I thank each of you for dedicating your time, talent, and energy here at Stevenson Memorial.”

As Stevenson Memorial moves closer towards the construction of its new hospital facility to serve the community’s growing healthcare needs, the role and importance of the Council’s is expected to grow. While Stevenson has accomplished great things through the implementation of innovative solutions to the challenges of operating in an aging facility, the hospital staff now looks forward to the future and a new facility with an expanded Emergency Department and state-of-the-art Operating Suites, new DI and Lab and renovated outpatient clinics.

Stevenson Memorial and the Council believe the community deserves to have the best healthcare available and will continue to work together to make that a reality.

Stevenson Memorial is a fully-accredited hospital located in the in the Town of New Tecumseth and serving the Simcoe area catchment. Our mission is to help the residents of our communities access safe, quality care where and when they need it.

Stevenson Memorial: We champion your care… every step of the way.