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Announcement: Stevenson Memorial Chief of Staff Dr. Oswaldo Ramirez

Announcement: Stevenson Memorial Chief of Staff Dr. Oswaldo Ramirez

Stevenson Memorial Hospital (SMH) Chief of Staff Dr. Oswaldo Ramirez announced Wednesday to the Administrative Management Committee (AMC) and Board of Directors that he will not be renewing his contract, which runs out this October.

“Yesterday, I advised our SMH board chair, Al Dresser, that I would not be seeking renewal of my COS contract at SMH, which ends on October 1, 2016,” Yesterday, Dr Ramirez wrote an internal email to staff and advised the Medical Advisory Committee of his decision.

 Jody Levac, President and CEO at SMH stated that Dr. Ramirez is a respected and dedicated leader at Stevenson, having worked as an emergency physician for the past eleven years. Prior to being Chief of Staff, he served as Chief of Emergency Medicine, a role he assumed in 2006. Dr. Ramirez is a solid physician, business man, and leader, always striving to enhance care for our community.

In his email, he wrote he would continue to fulfill his responsibilities while ensuring a smooth transition to a new COS.

Mr. Dresser, who chairs the hospital board of 12 directors, called Dr. Ramirez “a dedicated, hard-working physician who cares about his community and this hospital”.

 Dr. Ramirez said he has not yet announced his next career move, but his commitment to SMH remains strong. Dr. Ramirez stated “You can count on me to drive the best possible care for our community. I look forward to continuing to serve our community over the coming months and to help ensure a smooth transition for the next COS.”

 Dr. Ramirez added, “I feel that the organization is in an excellent position and will see great accomplishments in the coming years. I have done what I set out to accomplish, and that was to credential more highly qualified physicians who understand working in small hospitals.” Over Dr. Ramirez’s tenure, the hospital has seen 12 courtesy doctors, 15 active doctors, and 43 additional locum doctors added to the SMH roster. As a result, SMH has new general surgeons, obstetricians, psychiatrists, emergency room physicians and new hospitalists. The relationship and Memorandum of Understanding with Base Borden had multiple Physician Assistants, and Emergency Room physicians credentialed. Of these new physicians, 7 of them are providing primary care or specialty services within the New Tecumseth community.

SMH will begin the search for a new Chief of Staff immediately, stated Jody Levac.