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Building the Best: Stevenson Memorial Redevelopment Project On Track

Building the Best: Stevenson Memorial Redevelopment Project On Track

Stevenson Memorial Hospital continues to work with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and the Central Local Health Integration Network (CLHIN) on its plans for construction of a new hospital facility.

A recent letter from the Minister of Health, the Honourable Dr. Eric Hoskins, clearly demonstrated the Ministry’s understanding of the need for updated hospital facilities across communities in Ontario and confirms the Ministry’s commitment to working with Stevenson Memorial Hospital (SMH) to plan for our proposed redevelopment project:

“The Central LHIN recognizes and supports the redevelopment of Stevenson Memorial Hospital (SMH), especially given the growing population in the area, the increased demands on the Emergency Department, and the LHIN’s recognition that Alliston is an emerging priority community.”

The ministry understands and appreciates the concerns  that members of the local community have about SMH and its ability to provide services into the future. The ministry remains committed to making capital investments across the health care sector and will continue to work with the LHINs to assess needs based on sound fiscal planning; guided by its priorities for the health care system.

The ministry continues to work closely with SMH and the LHIN to finalize the review of the submission.”

“I was pleased to receive such a strong letter of support for our revitalization and redevelopment project,” says Jody Levac, President and CEO. The MoH recognizes that we are a growing community that needs a new revitalized facility in order to meet the needs of all those who live here. We’ve received additional questions from the Ministry and LHIN on the project that may be addressed at the next stage of planning if there is approval to proceed with the implementation of this important redevelopment project.  We are in the process of preparing our responses to those requests for further information and data. We will continue to roll up our sleeves for SMH’s deserving communities, as we endeavour to deliver on our commitment to bring revitalized, state-of-the-art facilities to the South Simcoe region.

We believe our redevelopment project is on track to be shovel-ready within the coming years, and Stevenson Memorial will continue to update the community on the progress of the project as it moves forward through the approval process.

Stevenson Memorial is a vibrant, fully-accredited hospital located in the Town of New Tecumseth, serving the South Simcoe region. We endeavor to help ensure that the residents of our communities can access safe, quality care where and when they need it.

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