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Stevenson Memorial Request: Please Avoid Pokemon Go on Hospital Property

The staff at SMH appreciates the well-meaning intentions behind those placing Pokemon Go lures at Stevenson Memorial Hospital. We understand that there have been posts on social media encouraging players to drop lures at hospitals in order to provide entertainment for hospital patients, particularly children.

We ask that you please not engage in this practice on the Stevenson Memorial Hospital property, either outdoors or anywhere inside the hospital complex. The game can cause safety issues for our patients—including risk of serious injury—and may impede our hospital staff as they go about their work.

SMH appreciates the benefits of the game, which has done much to encourage people to enjoy the outdoors and exercise. However, Stevenson Memorial Hospital is not an appropriate location to engage in this activity.

Please respect the privacy of our patients, staff, and visitors by refraining from dropping Pokemon Go lures anywhere on hospital property.

Stevenson Memorial thanks the community for assisting us with this issue.