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Stevenson Memorial Senior Staff: “Take Your VP to Work Week”

 [New Tecumseth, ONTARIO]—(October 21, 2016) Stevenson Memorial Hospital’s Chief Nursing Officer and Vice President recently spent a week shadowing the hospital staff in every department to gain a better understanding of the patient experience and the perspective of the front-line hospital staff.

“My time with our front-line staff has only confirmed their professionalism and diligence, the concern they have for our patients’ wellbeing, and their commitment to providing the highest quality of care in our aging facility,” says Carrie Jeffreys, CNO and Vice President of Clinical and Paramedical Services. “From our DI and lab departments, to our ER and surgery, to our Pharmacy and Outpatient services, every staff member in Stevenson Memorial is dedicated to ensuring our ability to provide safe, quality care. This endeavor was part of the Hospital’s senior team’s commitment to keep our fingers on the pulse of all of the many issues and circumstances that can affect patient experience, and it’s one we intend to continue in the future.”

“Our aging facility does present some challenges,” says Dr. Jody Levac, President and CEO. “Many of our departments have to work under less-than-ideal circumstances to serve patients in a space that is physically too small to accommodate the number of patients Stevenson Memorial serves on a regular basis now. I’m extremely proud of how hard our staff works to ensure our patient care remains of the highest quality as we continue to provide our services in less-than-optimal facilities. Our time shadowing the numerous hospital departments and witnessing the daily challenges our patients and staff face in our aging infrastructure has further validated the need for Stevenson Memorial’s revitalization in order to meet the growing needs of the community. I and the rest of the senior team are fully committed to seeing the redevelopment project through to a successful completion.”

Stevenson Memorial is a vibrant, fully-accredited hospital located in the Town of New Tecumseth, serving the South Simcoe region. We endeavor to help ensure that the residents of our communities can access safe, quality care where and when they need it.

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