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Stevenson receives a "B"

In January, CBC’s Fifth Estate approached all hospitals in Canada to participate in a survey entitled, Vital Signs: Inside Canada’s Hospitals. 

Today, the results of the survey were released by CBC and Stevenson received a “B” grade. 

Here is a link to the report:

"Receiving a "B" is certainly a proud achievement that highlights our commitment to providing patients with access to safe, quality healthcare services and to ensuring that we remain open and transparent with the public about the care provided and the activities performed here," said Annette Jones, President and CEO at Stevenson.

CBC's Rate My Hospital report card is an online tool that grades hospitals on key performance indicators reported by hospitals and allows patients to rate their own health care experiences on a range of critical care measures.

The report includes four sections:

  • Ratings of hospital performance are based on data supplied by hospitals and published by the Canadian Institute for Health Information.
    • The fifth estate Hospital Survey shows initiatives to improve quality and safety. The information was collected through a unique survey of hospital administrators.
      • Quick stats are a collection of basic statistics that reflect a hospital’s size and performance. They include data gathered by the fifth estate about emergency room wait times and the rate of the hospital-acquired infections C.difficile and MRSA in individual hospitals.