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Renovations to take place in Emergency Department as Hospital awaits redevelopment

Our Emergency Department (ED) continues to be an essential service that we provide to our community as a way for individuals and families to receive the safe, high quality health care they need, when they need it. In a space that was originally built to manage 7,000 visits a year, which now sees almost 40,000 visits, we are taking temporary measures to address the lack of space that our nurses, physicians and health care partners function in daily. As we await approval to move forward with our redevelopment, we cannot compromise patient and staff experience in our busiest area.

In the past month, our ED has undergone some improvements, including fresh paint and access to a new ice machine area. We are continuing to make improvements, and the next phase will modernize and maximize the space in our ED by changing the layout and improving patient flow.

The nursing station will be redesigned to create clinical efficiencies with our new Meditech installation (health information system). A dedicated space for physicians will be installed and our trauma room will be enhanced to address overcrowding.

The designs were driven by our staff, who face daily challenges in a dated facility.  This revitalization will create a space that will foster collaboration between medical staff and bring interprofessional teams of staff and community partners together.

We ask for your patience in the coming weeks as we work to improve our space. The front entrance of our Hospital and ED will not be impacted, and all of our services will continue to be provided as usual.

As always, our patients are given the best in quality health care. A major redevelopment of our hospital is urgently needed to ensure our facility matches the care that our dedicated staff provides. Thank you to our community for your understanding and support as we promise progress and pursue perfection.