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Letter to the Editor

On behalf of the Board of Directors and all the staff, physicians and volunteers at Stevenson Memorial Hospital, we would like to sincerely thank Dr. Ian Gray, Dr. Brian Swarbreck, Dr. Corbin Hendrick and Dr. Lester Affoo for dedicating countless hours of their time and for their significant contribution in providing exceptional care to our patients and their families over the past several decades.

During their combined over 130 years of caring for patients who have been admitted to Stevenson Memorial Hospital, these physicians have worked closely with our staff to help us become one of the best community hospitals in Ontario. These physicians will continue to be a part of the Stevenson team and we look forward to seeing them around the hospital visiting their patients.  Dr. Affoo will continue to provide services at Stevenson Memorial hospital as an anaesthetist in our perioperative program.

As Stevenson grows and evolves along with our community, we have expanded the hospitalist program to a 3-physician model that we believe will ensure more efficient and comprehensive care for patients admitted to the hospital. We would like to assure everyone that all patients that need to be admitted to Stevenson will continue to receive excellent, high quality care from our hospitalist, including those individuals who are patients of Drs. Gray, Swarbreck and Hendrick.

Dr. Liesbet Jansen and Dr. Amber Bocknek will continue in their roles as full-time hospitalists, and they will be assisted by a core group of Alliston Family Health Team physicians who will be responsible for all inpatient care.

We thank Drs. Gray, Swarbreck, Hendrick and Affoo for their contributions.  Their years of service have been marked by unsurpassed patient-focused care and dedication to excellence and we wish them all the best as they continue caring for patients and families in their local practices.

Annette Jones, President and CEO

John Swinden, Board Chair