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Recipient of the SMH Award of Excellence in Nursing

We are thrilled to announce the 2023 recipient of the SMH Award of Excellence in Nursing.

Congratulations to Steve Dobbs, RN, Emergency Department!

Here is a quote from Steve’s nomination sent in from a former patient:

“I attended the Emergency department and was in a room with another patient who happened to be a baby. During the course of my time there, there was this male voice through the curtain doing all the investigations on this sick baby.  He had the gentlest manner and his way of soothing the baby and the parents was outstanding.  As an ER nurse myself for many years, I was thoroughly impressed by this male voice.  When I was discharged, I said my nurse, that doctor next door caring for the baby is amazing.  She said that isn’t a doctor, it’s a nurse.” 

We would also like to recognize the outstanding nominees this year as well:

  • Anne Smienk, Peri-Op/OR
  • Melissa Bernier, ED
  • Laura Breedon, ED
  • Angela Watt, OBS
  • Monique Rausch, OBS
  • Cassandra Britton, Med/Surg (not pictured)