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Rural Health Day

A group of first-year medical students from the University of Toronto visited Stevenson Memorial Hospital on Wednesday, Rural Health Day. The event, sponsored by the hospital and the Alliston and Area Physician Recruitment Committee (AAPRC), has been held each year to showcase rural medicine to students. This year 20 students attended, participating in hands-on workshops in intubation, suturing and IVs. They also visited a local farm and learned about local history during lunch at the Museum on the Boyne.

"This has been a fantastic day," said student Amy Chen. "I really love the area and it's great to have a chance to learn a lot of clinical skills that we wouldn't normally be exposed to in school."

Dr. Ramirez says the event is an opportunity to get students out of the city and showcase rural medicine.

"We have a chance to show University of Toronto first year medical students exactly what we do as rural physicians," he said. "It's been shown that . . . if we plant the seeds in the early years of their education, then there is a chance that these students will come back to us and be physicians in our community."