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Stevenson and Southlake renew formal partnership

Tuesday, September 23, 2014 – Alliston, Ontario – Stevenson Memorial Hospital and Southlake Regional Health Centre have renewed their commitment to continue a formal partnership, according to the top leaders at both hospitals. Southlake President and CEO Dr. Dave Williams and Jody Levac, President and CEO at Stevenson, shared the news with staff at their respective organizations earlier today following the signing of a Management Services Agreement that will govern the partnership over the next five years.

The Agreement outlines the principles that will support a strategic and mutually beneficial relationship, and will enable Southlake and Stevenson to share key identified management services in an effort to better meet the needs of the organizations and their patients.

“This is an incredibly important agreement for Stevenson, as Southlake is a major regional centre of excellence that offers comprehensive health programs, and has expertise in providing management services to hospitals,” said Levac. “The Agreement will allow us to continue delivering safe, high-quality health care and at the same time, will support the level of service to the residents in our community.”

Dr. Williams is also pleased with the renewal of the Agreement – which was originally signed in 2007 by both organizations – because it will help Southlake achieve a number of its key strategic priorities.

“Last year, Southlake introduced our five-year strategic plan which really does lay the groundwork for all of our activity over the next several years,” said Dr. Williams. “Our new Agreement with Stevenson is very much in line with our commitments to focus on what we do best, operate within our means, and build bridges with our healthcare partners.”

The key terms of the Agreement include:

·         Mutual appointment of Stevenson’s President and CEO
·         Management and Support Services
·         Memorandum of Understanding for Clinical Services and Programs

The Boards of Directors at both Southlake and Stevenson will maintain governance accountability at the respective organizations, while simultaneously benefiting from the supports available through the Agreement.

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