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Redevelopment update

[March 8, 2024]

Stevenson Memorial Hospital (SMH) is continuing to prepare its property for its expansion, the construction of a new hospital building, which is slated to start in 2025. As part of the Early Works projects, the hospital is required to clear a section of trees behind the facility on their property.

Many factors have been considered in this property preparation, including the requirements of the Migratory Birds Convention Act, which is why the project is taking place at this time to meet the March 31 deadline. In addition to the safe relocation of Pileated Woodpecker nests, four bat boxes will be installed on the property. All necessary approvals have been granted by the local municipality and conservation authorities.

The hospital has worked closely with the landscape consultant, the environmental consultant, and the municipality to ensure it follows all best practices and bylaws for the reforestation of the site.  Green space and reforestation, including landscaping is a very important element and vision of the redevelopment plans. SMH will be actively replanting 400 trees as part of the hospital’s redevelopment plan, including native species to the area.